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Irrigation/Irritol rd-900 will not start cycle


hello I have a 9 year old rd-900 that has worked flawlessly for the entire time i bought my house and had it installed in 2006. this last week i noticed the grass was getting a bit pale so i started paying attention and found that the system is not coming on at my programmed time.
I changed the start time a couple of times today when I was around and nothing happens, the lights are not flashing per station or do I hear anything noting that they should be running, it simply moves past the start time.
I have no problems getting the system to come on by hitting manual start for each station and or an entire manual run through. Any idea's or suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you

Hey Derrick, its very rare that this controller does not function as you have described. Just make sure you have the day scheduled to "on" for the day you are trying to get it to come on.
Also make sure that you have time scheduled for the "run times" for the stations you want to run. You can first try taking out the battery, and turn the power off for about 1 minute, and then power the controller back up, and then reprogram the controller and see what happens. If you have everything programmed correctly, and you are still having issues, then you can either replace the panel, or have the panel repaired. You can either find a distributer close to you and have them repair it, or you can call Irri-trol direct at 1-800-634-8873 and they can help you out. Good luck and have a great day.


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