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Irrigation/Toro ddc run times


I have my Toro DDC set to run at 6 am Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, it comes on at these times, but for some reason it also comes on about 1am the day it is scheduled, so for instance, it also comes on at 1am on Sunday and so forth

Hey Scott, So first you have the ability to set 3 start times per program, lets say you are using program A, first check start time #1 and see what start time is set, then check start time #2 and see if you have a second start time set, and then check #3 and see if there is a third start time set into the controller. If you have a start time set in start time #2 or start time #3, that could be why it is also coming on at 1:00am, simply erase the second and third start times and only put in the first start time for 6:00am. If you only have one start time set into program A, and it is still running at 1:00am, then check program B and program C and make sure you do not have anything programmed into the other programs. If you do, that could be the reason it is also running at 1:00am, simply erase anything on program B and program C. Good luck and have a great day.


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