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Irrigation/toro ECTRA controller


I have 4 of these controllers, they've been working great, but now one is flashing fuse but only on one valve which happens to be new, I have the controller set to run valves 3 - 6 on A, and 1 & 2 the lawn on B, and when 2 comes up it flashes fuse. Thanks Terry, oh where is this fuse all my manuals are missing.

Hey Terry, so first of all, the controller does not have a fuse. It has an internal circuit breaker that automatically stops the controller from an overload, and if this happens, it will display "fuse" and the valve number that has the overload. The overload will either be caused by the solenoid having a short in it, or the hot wire and the common wire going to the valve are touching each other and is shorting out the circuit. First thing to do, is disconnect the wires from the solenoid at the valve that is faulty (#2). Turn on valve #2 by the controller, and see if it comes up "fuse". If it still comes up "fuse", then the wires are faulty, if it doesn't come up "fuse", then the solenoid is faulty and needs to be replaced. By the way, you can download a manual online, try Good luck and have a great day.


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