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Irrigation/Station short repair/workaround?


I have a Rain Bird ESp-Me and it just stopped watering the main lawn.  I noticed it was drying out and checked the system.  It now shows a solid LED light with an error message stating "STATION 1 WIRE SHORTED".  Clearly, station 1 is the main lawn and the system is now bypassing it in the watering cycle and still hitting the other two stations which are showing no negative signs of water loss.

I am hands on, but not an expert as a homeowner, so as much detail as can be provided is helpful.  The quick tip from the manual was not helpful - "Turn the dial to the AUTO RUN position to view the error message on the display. To clear the Alert, press the right arrow key"

Do I need to rewire the system, or is there a workaround for this issue?

Hey Jeff, more than likely the "wire shorted" is the solenoid on the valve. First thing to do, is find valve #1, and on the solenoid you will see two wires. Cut either one of the wires. Now go back to the controller, and turn on station #1, if it is still giving you an error message, then you have a short in the wires running from the controller to the valve, and you either need to repair the wire, or run a new wire. If when you cut the wire at the solenoid, and turned station #1 on, you did not get an error message, then you have a bad solenoid, and need to replace it. Good luck and have a great day.


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