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Irrigation/system continues to cycle


QUESTION: I have erased and reset my system several times, and it continues to recycle after it goes through a cycle.I have to manually turn it to rain off, or it would continue to recycle all day. After I leave it on rain off for a few hours, I can turn it to run, and it will begin at the correct time.  Help!!

ANSWER: Hey Marilyn, every controller is different as far as programming goes, if you could give me more information as far as who is the manufacturer and what model you have, that would be helpful. What I can tell you now, is check your start times, and make sure you only have one start time set into the program. And also check the other programs (if you have more than one program), and make sure the other programs are not programmed and are running. Lets say in program A you have zones #1 through #6 each programmed for 10 minutes each (1 hour total). And you have start time #1 (the first start time) set at 7:00am. The program will start at 7:00am and run station #1 for 10 minutes, and then station 2 for 10 minute etc. and will run until #6 is done running at shut off at 8:00am. If you have a 2nd start time set in, lets say at 7:10am, as soon as the program completes the first start time, it will see it has another start time, and start the program again. Just make sure you only have one start time programmed into the program you are using, and erase whatever is in the other programs. Good luck and have a great day.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt response.   I have a Hardie TC15B system.  It is probably about 19 yrs old.  After your response, I totally erased every program in  ABCD, and reset it to just cycle through every station on A.  After it is done running, it still continues to cycle.  Today, after two cycles through, it started again, so I had to turn it to rain off.

Hey Marilyn, I an assuming you are using program A. Put the program switch on A, and turn the dial to start times. Put a start time in for #1 start time (first start time). Go to the second start time, and make sure it says "off" likewise go to the third start time and make sure it says "off" you will need to check all "16" start times (yes you can program up to 16 start times). If all you have is one start time programmed, and the other 15 are set to "off" , and no time is scheduled in any of the other programs, and it still runs more than once, then you need to have the controller repaired. Hardie was bought out by Irri-trol, the number you want to call is 1-800-634-8873, and if you send it to them, they can repair it for you. Good luck and have a great day.


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