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Irrigation/Irritrol SR1 Pump Start Relay


Due to either a severe lightning storm or subsequent power company surge, my Rain Bird controller died. I replaced it with a Rain Bird SST-1200o.  Like my previous controller, this unit has a pump start feature. When I tested a zone for the first time after installation, using a 10 minute manual start, the pump started and ran for about 8 seconds, then shut off. It started again after about 5 seconds and ran for another 2-3 seconds and shut off completely. I tried the manual mode on several other zones, all with the same result.  As in the first attempt, the controller indicated a problem with the zone.  I noticed a buzzing sound coming from the Irritrol SR1 box, just before it shut down.  Thinking the aolenoids were all OK, as the pump came on, and thinking the controller was OK because it is new, I am suspecting the SR1 may be bad.  Can you offer any suggestions on this?  Thank you immensely!

Hey Jim, I would suggest taking the field wire off of the pump start terminal in the back of the controller, and then turning a valve on manually. Even though the pump will not start, you can check if the controller still indicates a problem with the different zones. Run through each zone, and see if the controller stays on for each individual zone. If the controller does not indicate a problem with any of the zones (with the pump start terminal wire disconnected) then the different valves (solenoids, wiring to the valves, etc.) is okay and the problem lies in either the pump relay, or the wiring to the pump relay. If you turn on a certain zone, and the controller indicates a problem for that zone, then you need to check  the solenoid, of wiring for that particular zone (valve). It does sound like a problem in your relay switch, but it could also be a problem in the pump. I do not know much about pumps, but it is probably worth having someone check it for you. Good luck and have a great day.


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