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I have a Hunter Pro-C Irrigation controller, and you I need to set the start times for 7 stations but when i go to set them i only get up to 4 stations and it won't go further this is a problem seeing as I need all of them to be set, when i go to manual start all 1-7 work perfectly fine the problem is it does not give me a choice to program 5-7. Thank you.

Hey Jorgo, the start times are for the whole program, not for the individual stations. For instance, You set run times for all 7 valves for 10 minutes each (70 minutes). Then you set the #1 start time (first start time) for 7:00am. At 7:00am, the controller looks at station #1 and sees that it is set for 10 minutes, and runs it for 10 minutes, then it goes to station #2 and sees it is set for 10 minutes, so it runs it for 10 minutes, and etc. until it goes to station #7 and runs it for 10 minutes, and then it stops running. The #2, #3, and #4 start times, are if you want to run the program up to for different times. for instance, if you set the #2 start time for 9am, at 9am, it will run all the stations again. Hope this helps, good luck and have a great day.


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