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Dear Jim,
I am converting one zone in my sprinkler system to a drip irrigation to water my raised bed and fruit tree. I am not sure how long of a irrigation tube I can run . I took out 3 sprinkler heads and planning to cap one and use the other two for drip irrigation.

I also want to add another zone just for drip irrigation. I see a folded tube above ground and I believe that it is the end of sprinkler system. How do I add another zone to it. I opened the folded tube and switched on sprinkler but did not see any water coming of it.
Thank you for your help in answering this question;

Hey Saravanan, so to convert the existing line previously doing heads, at the existing valve, you would want to install a pressure regulator and filter, so the drip heads don't clog up and also blow off the ends. There are numerous adaptors that you can simply screw to the nipple that you took the heads off of, and run 1/4" tubing to what you need to water. I would check with an irrigation supply store, and see what they recommend for your region. To add a new zone (valve) you would need to find the existing valve(s), and cut a tee into the existing mainline, add a new valve off of this tee, and run a new wire to the controller if you have an automatic system. Go to and this website will explain how to add a valve to an existing system. Good luck and have a great day.


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