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QUESTION: Hello me and my wife recently purchased a how that was already equipped with a sprinkler system.  The control unit is a nelson 8300. I looked in the valve box on the side of the house and there is 4 black valves. I want to go ahead and rebuild all 4 since it seems it all original parts. The zones all work but 1 zone stays on the whole time unless I unplug the controller and another zone has very low pressure.

ANSWER: Hey Jon, the valves are usually marked either on the top or the sides. Could you send me a picture? Thanks and have a great day.

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sprinkler valves
sprinkler valves  
QUESTION: Here is a picture of the valves

Hey Jon, that is a Nelson valve model 9001 or 9002 either one uses the same diaphragm and solenoid, one uses a glue in pipe one uses a thread in pipe. Turn the water off to the system, and unscrew the 6 screws that hold the top half onto the bottom half of the valve. In between the two halves, is the diaphragm. Take the wires off of the solenoid, and mark them so you know which wires to hook back up. Now take the top half with the solenoid on it, and the diaphragm to your local irrigation supply store, and they can match it up for you. Good luck and have a great day.


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