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Irrigation/rainbird ESP-TM system


I have a rainbird ESP-TM system it has all of a sudden stopped working. When I manual try to turn on the system it will not kick on. I have replaced the battery and the Fuse. No matter what I do it will not turn on.

Hey Paula, when you turn it on manually at the controller, does the display show that it should be on, or is the display just showing the time of day? The only thing I could suggest, is to take the battery out of the controller, and then turn the power off to the unit for about 1 minute. Then with the battery still out, turn the power back on. Now see if you can get it to work. If the display shows that a valve should be running, you need to see if the power is getting to the terminals in the controller. Take a volt/ohm meter, and turn on a valve manually, lets say #1, touch the positive terminal from the meter to the #1 terminal in the controller, and the negative terminal to the C (common) terminal and see if you are getting a reading of between 22 to 26 volts. If you are getting a reading, then the problem is either in the wires running to the valves, the valves, or the water source to the valves. If you are not getting a voltage reading, then the controller is bad and needs to be replaced. Good luck and have a great day.


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