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Hi, Jim. I have an older irrigation system (1995) and have had a continuous leak at the shutoff box. I've had a sprinkler guy here 7 times to fix it and has not been able to stop the leak. Now he's thinking it's the diaphram. I want to replace it myself but cannot find an Imperial Lenexa KS assembly. Do you know where I might be able to find this or if there is something that could work in its place.

Appreciate any suggestions you can offer.


Burny Foht

Hey Burny, I would suggest replacing the whole valve. It looks like from the picture, that the valve is being fed from the bottom of the body and discharging out the side. I would suggest replacing it with a Irri-Trol 100 series valve, and it looks like yours is 1". Once you take the lateral pipe off of the male adaptor, the valve should unscrew (counter clockwise) from the fitting sticking up from down below, and then you can simply screw the new one onto the fitting down below. The reason I suggest the 100 series, is because it can be fed from below, or from the side, where most valves can only be fed from the side and not from below. Regardless, whatever valve you use, it must be one that can be fed from the bottom. Good luck and have a great day.


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