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Irrigation/sprinkler valves turn on randomly


Hello, I have an older Hunter SRC Plus 9 zone controller.  Sometimes when there is any sort of house power fluctuation or outage like in a storm, the sprinkler controller will turn on one of the zones at random.  It stays on until a program runs or that zone is manually turned on and then off.  The backup 9v battery has been replaced, and I've had this problem happen just days after replacing the battery so I am sure it is not a bad backup battery.

Is the controller defective or malfunctioning?  If I plug the controller into an uninterruptible power supply like they sell for computers, the controller works fine through power surges and outages, however I'm not happy relying on that solution.

Is this a common failure for this controller?  Maybe a mainboard capacitor is bad or something?  I am capable of replacing some mainboard components like a capacitor (I replacing a commonly failed capacitor in an irritrol controller without any problem) but I can't seem to find any info on anyone else having a similar problem.

Thanks in advance for any help...

Hey Sean, we don't do repairs on controllers, but I have never had good luck with Hunter controllers. To me it is not worth repairing this controller. Spend about $125 and replace this controller with a Irri-trol "Rain dial" controller, and then you won't have to deal with the aggravation. Good luck and have a great day.


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