Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Gluten intolerance?


I have had IBS since mty late 30's, main symptoms are a hard, distended abdomen.
Since my other symptoms were similar to gluten intolerance-sore joints, stuffed up nose, I figured that was the problem.Whenever I stopped eating wheat for a few weeks I felt better. BTW doctor checked for celiac on blood test it came back negative.
Then my friend said the problem was meat, so I cut meat out and started eating wheat again-pretty much had to or starve! That was good for a couple weeks too-even lost a little weight and the belly shrunk a bit but still felt distended- but recently the old symptoms have come back with a vengeance.
I am thinking I really am sensitive to gluten. As for the meat maybe it was the calories and fat in it? I have heard that some people have trouble digesting meat as they get older (I am 55)

Hi Bud, thanks for your question. A lot of people are sensitive to gluten without having Celiac disease. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley so it is contained in a lot of foods. Sometimes, if you have a Celiac blood test called an Endomysial or Tissue transglutaminase test it can be falsely negative. The reason for this is some Celiacs have a deficiency in antibodies that are the method of detecting the disease. It would be worthwhile asking your doctor about this. The gold standard test is  a biopsy from your small bowel, but this requires an endoscopy so is more invasive for you. Even if you dont have Celiac disease, there is no reason why you shouldnt follow a gluten free diet.

As for diet in general, this is intimately linked in a lot of bowel disorders and particularly so with IBS (see my web site, IBS Help Online). Meat is often a thorny issue with IBS and other bowel conditions, but I would always recommend having a degree of meat in your diet because of the nutritional value with protein and Iron particularly.

Hope this helps Bud and good luck.


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