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My father is suffering from chronic diarrahea and the colonoscopy done three months back concluded as chronic nonspecific inflammatory lesion at Sigmoid colon area. He continues to have diarrhea and acute fatigue. Mucus is found in stool and rarely blood.

He has severe itching all around in the body which i am not sure whether it is related or not.

He has been treated with antibiotics, found relief initially but didn't sustain.

Could you please help me on this? Your help is highly appreciated.

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Pranesh, this is very difficult to answer for you. Your fathers colonoscopy showed some non-specific inflammation in the sigmoid colon which may mean nothing at all, but could equally be inflammatory bowel disease! Sometimes when the findings are unclear a repeat test and biopsy is indicated in the future.

Certainly your fathers symptoms could fit with many different bowel conditions including IBS. The fact that antibiotics initially provided relief could fit with an infective cause too.

The only connection I can think of with the itching is if your father is anemic or if he has Inflammatory Bowel Disease with a condition called PSC or Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a liver condition which can be associated with IBD.

Your father may benefit from an IBS diet and you can find out more about this on my web site, IBS Help Online.

Sorry I can't be of more help with this, but without knowing your fathers history and test results it is very difficult to advise.

Good Luck!


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