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Hello!I am a 32 year old female who has been hit pretty hard with health issues & to date I am at 15 surgeries including 2 major back surgeries,a hysterectectomy at age 27, gallbladder removed (that didnt need to be),I have acid reflux, I have hypothyroidism, and oh yeah I just got diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease!Yeah for me!LOL.To say the least I am depressed alot because of all this and on alot of different medications for everything under the sun. Recently I  started to notice a pattern in how I felt where I would be great and have all this energy & then crash for days at a time where I could not even make myself get out of bed. I got to wondering if it could be something I was eating? I am 5'10" and weigh right now 200, but lost about 23 recently with all the kidney stuff and being nausea and just not wanting to eat much. I heard someone say something about gluten and people with kidney problems and wondered if there was anything to that.I know I need to lose weight,but it is hard when you are in pain 24/7. I know I know ever since my gallbladder was removed it is like food just goes straight through me. I will also go through spells where like this last week I didnt have a BM for about 5 days or so. I am normally constipated, but go back and forth.I did an uptake study at the hospital and I could not swallow a 10mm pill. It was getting caught at the bottom of my eshaphagus? They did an upper GI and were going to widen that are, but didnt when she got in there for some reason. My stomach is normally hurting somewhere alot of the time & by pressing on it I get pain. I just didnt know if any of this sounded like your area or not? THanks for any help

Hi Liz, thanks for your question. Clearly you have had an extensive history and I suspect some, if not all of your symptoms are embroiled in this. It is no wonder at the age of 32 years, you feel depressed and depression can make you feel tired, affect your appetite and so called zest for life. This may well be why you have had a lack of energy. You donít mention the drugs that you take, but they could equally have some effect on your energy levels. Having an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism will make you feel tired and also cause a depressed mood so it is important that you are taking the correct dose of Thyroxine.  Hypothyroidism is associated with other autoimmune conditions such as diabetes and celiac disease. Both these conditions can cause tiredness so it is important to make sure your doctor has checked that you havenít got these recently. Chronic kidney disease will also cause tiredness, particularly with rising urea levels.

You mention that your bowels have alternated between constipation and diarrhea since your gallbladder surgery, where food seems to go straight through you. This is a relatively common problem and it is important to stick to a low fat diet. Also, you might benefit from Cholestyramine, a drug that can help in this situation sometimes and you might like to discuss this with your doctor. It could equally be IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome and you can read more about this on my website, IBS Help Online. An IBS diet might help you too and you can read more about this in my web sites diet page. I mentioned celiac disease earlier and this could also account for your abdominal symptoms.  I hope you find this helpful.

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