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I am suffering from bowel irregularities since last 4 years. I do not get motions completely in the morning. Motions come 2-3 times a day. Sometimes, it comes partially in the morning but do not come after that. I feel chocked.

There is no constipation; no pain anywhere, just some gas is there.

I have tried numerous consultations. I was checked for IBS and Amoebic infections, but result was negative.

I am taking fiber food. Lot of salads. Little help.

They put me through painful endoscopic procedures only to find everything normal.

Can you please let me know what my kind of situation is called? So that I can search for help. Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

I am 35. Male.

Claudio, I'm sorry to hear of your terrible constipation issues. I note you have idiopathic constipation and that you have tried fiber food and salads. You mention that you have been checked for IBS, but there is no test for this as it is a diagnosis made on symptoms alone. There are many options for constipation. Diet is important, but not exclusive. Fluid intake and exercise are also important. Drugs or laxatives also play there part.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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