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QUESTION: I am a 56 yr old male and always been obese. As long as i can remenber i had gas no matter what i ate. My concern is i have gas now constantly in my belly until i flatulate which makes me feel better. This seem to get like this when i was in a rehab to get my strength for a knee revision surgery and change my eating habits to lose weight. I began to eat a lot of greens like brocoli and salads which i never did. I told the doctor on staff about this and she suggested a colonoscopy if i haven't had one so i got one. They said i was fine that was in 2010. I do have good bm thou they are every other day and soft stools, not diarhia,and i think i am done i get up and go out of bathroom and about 1/2 hour later i have gas again in belly until flatulence. This is constant until my next bm. The gas is worst right after i eat.what can i do?


Gas really is a problem for so many people. There are lots of reasons for gas, but diet is by far the most common reason. You may benefit fro a FODMAP diet which you can read about here

We know that broccoli is one of the worse offenders for causing gas so you should avoid this. You may find my stomach bloating page useful too at

Good luck


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QUESTION: thanks for the quick response i went to your links and they helped but like i said when i have a bm which is good but my stomach feels like i have to go a lot more but it wont come out which leaves a pain until i have flatulence my question is am i blocked and how can i correct this.

Hi Ed

Thanks for asking for further advice.

The feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation is common in IBS and doesn't necessarily mean that you are constipated. It is very difficult to treat, but I would be interested to know how you were after your colonoscopy prep. Did you find you symptoms improved for a while afterwards? If you did then you will probably benefit from a bowel cleanser.


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