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Islam/Ghusul and clean after sex


Muslimah wrote at 2016-05-11 10:04:59
Dear Brother,

As a muslim and being a student of fiqh and quran (as doing a course for it) I think you and your wife should take bath as said in Islam and there is no need to wash all things in house unless you touched them with dirty hands(i mean some liquid of your bodies touched them) You should only chnage your bed sheet after the process and bathing your child is look strange to me. Another thing you should get a house where bathroom is attached and get a bunk for your kids so that your kids can sleep separately because if kids are in same room woman gets off for anything instead your son is sleeping in same bed. Now hadith and quranic verses brother has todl you above. but do something to make your wife s mood for sex and get her interest in the process.  


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