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MI wrote at 2010-12-10 07:04:06
All praises be to Allah them merciful and compassionate,

For the person that wrote this essay on islam's view of astrology I wish to congratulate you and thank you.  

From what you have wrote I suspect you might be muslim though maybe you are not so please forgive me for this but I wish to say that if you are not or even if you are the Quran tells us that Allah can use all things to establish his truth, even through someone who does not believe in him and in my opinion what you have stated is something that should draw the attention of the muslims to the truth which muslims should do as worshippers of the one true God.

Now first let me please say, I am not an Alim (religious scholar) and may Allah forgive me if I speak untruthfully but I am muslim and I have shared part of your view regarding astrology and in this response I hope to resolve other questions you have raised.

Yes in my opinion you are right, the warning given to muslims is directed to the danger of telling the future because as the creator of all things, future is also the sovereignty of Allah, and his hands are not tied.

So then, if we set future telling aside, Allah does tell us that he created things in due measure and balance and that as you correctly state the stars etc.. did beckon to his call and obey him.

This being the case, I think you make a valid scientific argument based on the fact that the components of astrology can be described as somewhat static and therefore able to be measured and mapped out and therefore given a value or we might say in astrological terms - a character of which I cannot claim to know the source of which, but for the point of this discussion lets acknowldge these established characteristics exist.  

So if we were to then agree that astrology can be deemed a science, then islam being the religion that encourages thought and discovery would not prohibit it. And science as has been proved numerous times only proves the truth of Allah which testifies to the supremacy of almighty Allah.

And as for your discussion regarding the use of astrology to predict events etc...  Well, I would say again there might be some credibility in this statement but the problem with this is that we don't have knowledge of everything as we are discovering things all the time, not that is adding anything relevant to the strait path to heaven that is the tenants of islam, which anyway only prove the truth of the Quran, but we simply do not know everything as science shows us with its daily discoveries in order to make a perfect prediction of something.  And this highlights the fact then that the future is the dominion of Allah who can bring into being and destroy as he determines.  So to think or tinker with predictions too much maybe produce some piece of evidence, such as a mole on someones face, but it hardly encapsulates the full picture of the future - and if you endeavour to map out a path without the full picture you would end up as the Quran refers to as 'astray' and removed from guidance that is from Allah who is the creator of all things.

And also part of these things is Qadr.  Now here I will definately qualify myself by saying that my limited understanding of my religion may not suffice a correct explanation - but I give you my best intention for my best try.

Allah through the Quran tells us that he cares more for our life that follows this one than this one and indeed the Quran clearly says that this life is simply a test to see how we rank in the eternal one which I hope is a concept you can appreciate considering you acknowledged time does not exist for Allah.  So this being said I ask you what makes things relevant in this life, it is our actions determining our next one.  And this being the case, the stage in which we make these actions of ours are the events we act in relation to in this life.  And so I would say to you that Qadr therefore is the stage Allah determines for us and if I am not mistaken the Quran or hadith tells us that the Angels come down during Ramamdan and decree what Qadr Allah has made for us that year.  So considering it gets decreed annually, we might infer that it is determined annually also but I can only support this proposition by my gebneral recollection of this statement or ayat.  But put simply, Qadr is dynamic and creates the stage for the test in which we hope to elevate our rank in heaven.

And yes, on this point I will add just quickly to say yes, you are right in that suffering does not equal reward, but good actions do.

Now the other thing which I hope you deteect in my response so dar is that yes there does exist laws which Allah has made and from which we can acquire knowledge and hikmah but all of it is dangerously ego-centric and ultimately chaotic without the humility of understanding that Allah has dominion over all of it, and I use the word dominion purposefully because Allah does not need to control what is his.

If we start thinking we are in control, or more to the point, we think we are not in need or have no reason to be grateful to Allah, well then we will gradually and increasingly distance ourselves from the reality of the situation until ultimately we bring our own downfall in one way or the other.

Ok, I will try and wrap it up because I am feeling I am getting too descriptive, so in short I will say-

Muslims should not criticise other religions permitting that other religions respect islam and this is in the Quran

Reincarnation is an argument I say only seems valid by its own circular sense of balance but if we were all bad will the world be full of rocks?  Hence I would say because reincarnation accepts bad conduct that is harmful to life it is a suicidal philosophy, aka lets all become rocks, whereas reward or punsihment for good conduct is healthy to life and therefore is a life perpetuating life philosophy which to me makes more sense than a philosophy that is apathetic about conduct ultimately leading to its own death.

So I hope you might appreciate my response and I thank you for making your comments which helped me to better understand my own opinions.

And Allah knows best because what we have here is just talk, Allah knows why we talk and what therefore is its true worth.

So turn to him and he will turn to you because he is our Lord.


Debjyoti Banerjee wrote at 2012-05-13 19:42:40
My Sincere regards to you sir. I am a Hindu Brahmin and my maternal grandfather used to read all religious books eg Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Qur'an etc and of course Vedic Astrology. He used to quote several verses from different religious books. He also used to tell me about teachings of Quran. He also had one of his guru who was a renowned scholar of Islam. So since childhood I was taught to respect all regions and follow the religion which comes through heredity and learn good things from other religions too. But Sadly I found very few people are abiding by the instructions given in their religion (maybe Hinduism or Islam or any other) and ready to preach what to do and what not to and that their religion is the best. I found you as a person who has a similar view to that of mine in this matter. I salute you for your generousness and for your great knowledge of Religion and astrology. I think the people who have bad opinion about Islam should meet you at least once. This will change their mindset.

Sachal Smith wrote at 2015-03-21 04:28:39
Islamic traditions and the Quran mainly uses the Babylonian hermetic traditions in their doctrine or theological outlook. I have written a blog on this subject which you can have a look at the details regarding the astrological teachings of Quran @

Sachal Smith wrote at 2015-04-02 11:16:58
Learn about the astrological teachings of the Quran at


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