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Islam/punishment for pre marital sex


AF wrote at 2010-01-26 16:20:45
The fact that you would want to divorce her for not being a virgin when you married her shows that you are in fact a prick. She has asked for forgiveness when she really didn't do anything wrong, she never cheated on you because you weren't together then. You are an idiot for wanting to divorce her for this, she shouldn't be with trash like you. Also, consider the psychological damage this will cause your children if you do get divorced. So please, put your ego aside and get over it.

Deepthi Upputuri wrote at 2010-07-03 19:47:12
I am a Christian who strongly believes in Islam too and think it is not right of you to leave your wife.I agree that you really feel sick and disgusted with her and that makes you even contemplate divorce,but is not forgiveness "higher" in Allah's eyes that punishment?Won't Allah be more glorified when his children have enough mercy to forgive each other?.....because Allah is a God of mercy?I believe that the right thing for you to do is to reflect Allah's mercy and love and thereby forgive your wife for the mistake she has committed owing to her repentance.All the best.

Appalled wrote at 2012-03-11 17:50:15
Dude, do you really love your wife? You'd consider a divorce just because she slept with someone before you? What she did before she married you is none of your business, she has nothing to appologies for.

This is simply another case of religion making good people do bad things. You really should be ashamed of your self for thinking such a thing, your wife doesn't deserve you. The fact that you even think of marrying a virgin is evidence that you and your faith are obsessed with sex, it's very unhealthy.

Here's my suggestion:

* Forget her past because her future is with you.

* Appologies to her for reacting this way.

* Show her the respect she deserves.

lilypad1111 wrote at 2013-01-24 07:02:34
That statment about the Quran replusive and highly offensive! A true God would never want to harm its creation to have to suffer pain and horror because of being interested in another male. Or vise versa! We are humans! It is a natural feeling to have! Why do yu think she married her husband! Oh no she probably was forced to marry him and there were no actual feelings.... I wish I believe in a God and a higher power, but I cannot begin to undersand Islam with people like the you to comment such replusive advice.


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