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Islam/Swallowing sperm


sh wrote at 2009-08-09 01:39:02
With all due respect to the person who provided the answer above, breasts are organs from which milk is produced, yet it is neither haram or filth or fruits and yes, it "ejects from the body".

fdedfe wrote at 2009-11-12 23:03:55

you cannot just call sperm filth becoz evryone is born from sperm and the womans eggs. So in this sense you would be calling yourself filth.

was salam  

3zaab wrote at 2010-10-11 09:26:45
Ahmer I think you should go back and work on your research ! no where in the quran is sperm considered as filth in fact it is in many places cited as something through which Allah has brought life. so in essence you are saying that humans are created from filth. I suggest you read the surah Insan a couple of times and understand it.

I urge u not to construe the words of Allah contained in the Quran to suit your own belief's.  

Menn wrote at 2011-06-17 22:44:16
Good day, I'm no expert to judge on the hallal or haram of it.However I will stress how silly and irrelevant the answer is.Especially with the quranic reference given by the person who answered.

Are you insuniated that some people have semen for food ??.

It's part of the love play for some people.Fuits and pomgranate is good.Semen is part of a sex your answer is invalid

asifkhan wrote at 2012-09-13 13:56:56
@ AHmer...Why do you have to Answer everything in such a strange way man....The guy is asking from scientific point of you should answer him in an educated way rather than quoting couple of QURANIC verses to shut him up.....

Why is it HARAM...i'll tell him....

Hello Stranger......Semen Swallowing as per your knowledge is not a very healthy activity..i've studied this topic too...It contains very little amount of proteins and sugars...which are not beneficial to your health even if you swallow it...and the other thing is that most of the people have STDs (sexually Transmitted Diseases) these it is not a very good idea to swallow it may prove to be a source of risking your life with diseases....That is why it is not a very healthy Activity...and this could be the reason..Our religion has never supported it's swallowing (Nauzubillah)...Hope you understood what i'm trying to say...

I seriously dislike AHMER's way of replying to questions....Just Asking you a question doesn't imply that someone needs a THERAPY...

Adam wrote at 2013-07-28 17:11:38
What on earth are you writing?


"Most people have sexual diseases"? What is this rubbish?

Are you referring to your personal sexual experiences, your possible views on sexuality, or do you simply have a very very strong imagination??????

What you say with such words are nothing but a preach of fear to those who are insecure in such matters!

Not to mention that "sperm" has nothing to offer and could do your health no good.

Wash those brains out please!

Sperm is full of nutrients!

In fact, it has the equivelant of a protein shake!

So get your facts correct before using such rubbish to scare people!

The risks

Of course there are risks of obtaining a sexually transmitted disease. But let's have a look at where else you can get these.....

Blood Transfusions

Dirty Needles (especially under Drug Addicts who share their needles)

Kissing (a small injury in the mouth is sufficient to transmit Hep A,B, Syphilis and many more)


Even places where you put your hands....if you have a small open wound, you can contract Hep B if you com in contact with it as it can survive outside the body up to 14 days.

And many many more.

So why are we not all running to the doctors to get medication? According to your reference, MOST people have STD's.

I don't think so!

STD's are indeed not so rare, but much less common than in days of the Plague, Cholera etc.

HIV is sadly increasing, but STILL rare.

Getting back to the sperm question.

It is quite safe to swallow sperm should you trust the partner you are with. Otherwise, I would advise against it to avoid POSSIBLE risks.

BTW.....some people cannot swallow sperm without problems.

Some encounter extreme acidic problems and basically react badly to it.

Try it with your partner........if you like it, enjoy it.

It is no crime, not even in the Quran! It is the fruit of intercourse (in the marriage)

There are indeed risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. You should always go about the risks with a clear head. Know your risks and eliminate them, even if you have a very trusting feeling. There is always that "rest risk".  


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