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Islam/assalam alikum - badluck continues since many years


Adam wrote at 2010-01-16 19:39:49
salaam alykom moyeed.

hey man, I'm going through the same problem, everytime I'm so near to my goal to the light...somewhat I've been pushed back to the very far begining. luck dont exist in islam, thats a bull*** cuz if magic does exist so does luck, but we're not suppose to believe in it cuz its shirk. anyways, I tried praying it didnt help. I think we've been bewitched, and met the wrong people the wrong elements that effects us bad. truthfuly, i didnt know how to break this pain..I go to mosque ask for help, I even slept in the mosque, and all they say pray pray. if I go there, dying with bullet in me, they'll still tellin me to pray, those are weak muslims, cuz even the prophet SAW had been bewitched and we're always to fight it. try to pour fresh water on a quraanic bowl and say some taweez and meditate into it with faith, you should be fine. do that everyday, water will be blessed.

Nisar wrote at 2013-03-23 22:40:10
None of these answers actually answer anything. Its the usual advice coupled with a bunch of Quran verses which have no explanation.

Brother, I also experience this 'bad luck' that you speak of. I have lost everything, my business, my success, everything. I am now riddled in debt, misfortunes and bad life. My life has taken such a bad turn that I will never recover from these things ever again.

I have never harmed anyone. I have always paid my dues, given my zakaat, made CONSTANT donations in the way of Allah, made constant donation to the poor. I have tried to help everyone that I know, in any way I can, and in return everyone has turned their backs on me, misjudged me, and have no risen above me in this world.

I have prayed, prayed and prayed to Allah to help me. Allah has showered me with difficulties and over bearing tasks that I am unable to handle anymore. Sometimes, I am afraid of making my salaah because I feel like I will be tested again and again. I wish the 'tests' would stop, but they don't. I dont drink, I don't do the things that other bad muslims do, yet they are living in the lavish of their succeses. I built everything with honesty and integrity, and I have been ruined and castrated by this life.

I will never stop believing in Allah, because HE is the one and infinite, and no God but He, and Muhammad (pbuh) is his last messenger. I hope to die with that belief in my heart. But I have recently began to believe that maybe I am being punished for something, that I have been cursed, because that is the only thing that makes sense. Nobody should deserve this, unless they have done something bad.

So maybe you did something wrong, or your parents did something bad that you are paying for. If you are like me, don't hope for much.

Salaam Alaikum.  


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