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Kazim Lasani wrote at 2011-09-06 06:11:47
AS Salam Alaikum

Dear Sister Aisha

My story is almost similar to yours. My daughter aged 11 years was diagonised as having TB meningitis in july 2010, she had a shunt replacement from her head to stomach. everytime her steriod medicines were altered sh use to agian have a lot of pain. finally on 5th of july 2011 she went into coma never to rise again. on 14th july 2011 we got a final diagonise that she has brain tumor mellodomyoblastoma. and on 15th july 2011 (exactly one year since her shunt surgery) we had no option but to remove her ventilator and she expired withing 15-20 minutes after that. my only question to Allah Almighty is why did he inflict her with so much of pain for over a period of one year. me and my wife rahila is still grieving a lot, we really are unable to understand Gods testing towards us in this


Kazim Lasani



shaza wrote at 2012-08-29 21:55:37
salam dear sisters.. i just want to say i lost a babye was born normal no indication that he would die..the next day i was told by the doctor that he had jaundice for me it was nothin new as my daughter had this previously when she was born. anyway in the evening i was told he died of an allergic reaction to the treatment he was recieving which was an ivig fluid. NOw i could have blamed the doc but it was no ones fault.IT was pure qadr of Allah. the baby next to him was recievingg the same meducation and he was fine..point being When Allaah aswajal has written the time span of our children in the womb no doctor could cure or prevent this.Everything belongs to Allaah.It is Allaah who gave us our children in the first place.TO Allaah we all shall return. We have to praise Allaah for the time we had with our child and have patience. Allaah tests who he loves therefore Allaah loves you. We shouldnt worry nor have anxiety about what has happened as if we are patient inshallah these children will be our intercessors and will help us enter jannah. I know my child is already in jannah and so wr pray to Allah that he will reunite us with our children inshallah in jannah. please read my website and add any information you can to help the awareness of losing a child in islam. MY advice is to seek knowledge this will ease the pain and bring you closer to Allaah. Only Allaah can help us and says with hardship comes ease. jsk sister ummishaaq

Komal wrote at 2013-11-12 11:47:35
Dear Friend,

This is the only place where i go when i want to share my feeling as like you i too lost my daughter of 9 years.She too had a fever which doctor confirmed is due to change in whether and will last for 5-7 days.We believed on him but ultimately that fever went to her brain and she left us with in one day.I too blame myself as i still feel that just with viral fever no body can die.I blame her for not saying any thing as to how much in pain she was and to god as well as it was her last birthday and for the 1st time i took her temple to get the blessings of god for her long life.I talk to myself and blame self to believe on doctor.Finally i pray to let me unite with her so that i could hug her, love her and ask sorry to her for not giving her life to fulfill her dreams.

God is silent but i still hope to see my daughter if not in this earth may be after life.

with my prayers.




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