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katta wrote at 2011-08-28 18:02:28
astagfirullah lot of things written here are wrong   may ALLAH show us right path ....  in Islam is it allow to pray having sperm or whatever coming out in the result of sex  on your cloths.......??? NO NO No

then astagfirullah bro & sys how is it permitted to take these things in the mouth which is also saying the name of ALLAH (GOD)

May ALLAH show us the right path  

SHOCKED wrote at 2012-05-30 12:56:01

wasim wrote at 2016-08-21 10:03:15
So many answers given above are 100% wrong.

If you can support your answer, kindly provide the Hadith/Quran related to it.

smmirza wrote at 2016-10-18 20:21:45
Semen that contain sperm is not a waste like urine is. How can you say that this is impure? How can one set it impure thinking that urine might be mixed with it from the wall of urethra? The don't have any medical knowledge and Allah's great creature of human body.

During sexually excitement the fluid that comes out though the penis is... do you know why?.. mainly to cleanse the urethra through which semen along with sperm with travel to uterus. Because if the urethra keeps wet with urine, the sperm in the semen will die by the influence of the acidic waste of urine.  That's why during sexual arousement some purifier fluid cleanse the urethra and pave the safe way for the semen to come out through the penis.

If you say that oral sex is unfair because the mouth recite our holy book, it sounds logical and emotional but seems silly. Because we also touch our holy book with hand! So can't I also touch and fondle secret part with hand?

I don't understand why do you add something to the ruling that Islam didn't mention. You must believe Allah knows past to future. So there is no scope to think that the issue of Oral sex didn't appear in Islam because this practice was not done in 1400 years ago.

Moreover it is not true that this "taboo" sounding sex practice/ position was not running before the arrival of Islam. If you study the ancient book/sculpture/dummy, you will find every sex position and practice to be portrait to be done by those people who are not even literate and modern. Their act of sexual activity includes those are being done in modern pornographic video. So in this case the ancient people wear not backward. And So Allah knows everything of what is happened and what is gonna happen. So There must be mention of this oral sex.

So don't make the religious ruling complicated and confusing.


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