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Islam/Sexual relations - halal permissible acts


moniskhan wrote at 2010-10-07 09:24:58
Are a husband and wife allowed to perform what is known as a "69".Can my wife or me put any food (honey, cream,

chocolate etc. ) on each otherís body including the private

areas and afterwards lick/suck it off, if we get sexual

aroused from that.and my wife and me lick eachother anus and smell eachother anus hole.

Chosen wrote at 2011-12-14 23:49:01
In lieu of the conversation about the prohibitations during sexual intercouse. Somethings are self explanatory. Just because we have a thought doesn't mean it's ok to act upon it.  1. For the strangest reason a woman's harmones are heightened during here menses. She tends to become more sexually aroused.  Nevertheless her body is completely worn and exhausted, though sexually aroused. (Please note that refers to some women not all.) Many different things are taking place during this cleansing process. I find it as a woman very disturbing that a man would want to have the sight or smell of blood on his fingers, not to mention a sexual object.  It is simply unclean.  2. If the reader is not interested in exploring his homosexual tendencies, the practice of inserting foreign objects into his rectum would stimulate the curiousity for something on a higher level. Even if his wife is the controller of the sexual object he is becoming the receiver of an unclean desire for an unnatural and sexual positioning. Spiritual food for thought the act of anal sex is not just homosexual cause it suppopsedly pertain to men. The act is one of sodomy rather performed on male or female. It is a spiritual offense to and in the sight of God. It is unclean, unholy, and impure.  There is no life in the anus, only filth and uncleanliness. It is wasted semen. For the husband to desire the woman to perform such an act is to place the woman in the position to think from the realm of a male, and pervert her submissive thoughts toward their sexual experience.  3. I don't understand the healthy attraction to drinking one another sexual releases. As a healthy sexual woman, I fail to see what would stimulae me to desire my husband to insert his fingers into me and then become possess with the idea that i'm interested in having them enter into my mouth, which has to by pass my nose! 4. Lastly breast milk is for babies. The idea is intriguing as to what the milk wud taste like. maybe were having a baby conversion moment (idk).  In closing if your going to ask advice because you're truly ignorant please don't continue to search because you didn't receive the answer you were seeking for. Trust me there are many books available to teach you how to desecrate what God intended to be a beautiful and holy experience.  My intent is not to be critical or judgmental (trust me I understand) I too had some freaky moments and thoughts before I grew spiritually.  

Fear your Lord wrote at 2012-08-29 14:03:10

I don't know who answered the above questions but it is not correct. Not only are the answers inncorrect but there is no proof for the statement. An Imam with knownledge would never give a one word answer to those question above.  

student of deen wrote at 2013-02-18 01:24:17
The answers given by this expert are incorrect. For all questions regarding Islamic matters, please refer to


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