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Islam/Death of a pet Dog


gmangmgguy wrote at 2012-10-19 16:49:32

I feel that the answer to the question is Illegitimate.  You say that  al-Bukhaari reported....   He is a man.  As a muslim we follow ONE and only ONE.   

We should not care what al-Bukhaari said.....  Or what he thinks he remembers sayidna Muhamed PBUH said.

Islamic Sharee’ah was written by man....

The correct answer is the Quran says NOTHING about having a dog.

The opinions of men that wrote what  they think the prophet might have said is not the word of god.  We do not follow these men, but we follow a higher power.

Insha allah  muslims will learn that.


leoz wrote at 2014-10-09 20:22:25
Jazak Allah Khair for that thoughtful response, but referring to your first point where you said you would respond by saying there are "House Alarms" ... that is a very unthoughtful response as alarms of that nature, that actually work and prevent thefts are extremely costly and thus if there are monetary issues within the family in question that option is not a viable one.

Try to be more sympathetic with the person please, and put yourself in his/her shoes next time around. Allah ykather men 2anwa3ak inshAllah, I really do not mean to insult you or your work. Because it was a phenomenal answer, I just thought I should critique you on that area that I personally felt you were unjust on.

Allaho 2a3lam

Allah Ya3teek 2alf 3afyah  


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