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Islam/Status of clothes after sex


Hina wrote at 2014-12-22 19:14:41
Dear Brother Ahmer, I just wanted to inform you that there are six authentic books of ahadees called Sahih Sitta.And they are :

Sahih Bukhari

Sahih Muslim

Sunan Nasai

Sunan Abu Dawud

Jamiat Tirmizi

Sunan Ibne Maja

Out of these books only Bukhari and Muslim has ahadeea which are all of authentic grade.Otherwise the next four books contain a mix of folloqing grades:

Sahih ( authentic)

Hasan ( good )

Da'if ( weak )

Mauzu (false )

I just checked at .The hadees u mentioned from Sunan Abi Dawud, book1, hadees 270 is a da'if (weak) hadees.And the text also proves so..intercourse during menses is not allowed as proved by other sahih ahadees.I havnt checked other ahadees u mentioned, I leave this responsibility to u.


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