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Islam/is it really black magic or not


QUESTION: as-salamualykum,
im 26 yrs married in 2004,have allahamdulillah 3 kids i have seen many ups n downs in my personal life,
my problem is going worse n worse what all changes i observed from 2004 till now are

1. continousely seeing buffalloes in my dream with their dunk and while running in my dream i ask help from some one when i  saw clearly it was one of my sister-in-law n my brother- in -law both laughingat me
   then i run little far a lady with them with big red round circle like thing on forehead n smiling on me i taught it was just dream but same dream i saw about years
         after seein this i was like scared some one told me i u see such  things try to kill them .then one time i killed a buffallo on verry high stairs were i just reciding aytalkursi seperated the ram of buffallo n there was a huge blood which i cant forget .after this few months i dint saw any thing but recently a cow turning toward me in dreams asking who killed buffallo n my brotherinlaw n sisterin law pointing on me

2. countinousely i will see toilets in my dreams,weather im sitting on it or wasking dirty toilets or passing loo.

3.mostely i observe in my dreams im just running n trying to safe myself from some thing but what i cant understand ?? heart beats after seeing this goes verry fast that i ant express.

5.i was v.v.v fair but now everyone seeing just ask me what happened  i taught of after having 3 childs complexion reduces but my sisters n siser-in law have same complextion i know its silly thing to tell but (sorry about this but u know women r monre consern about beauty)

6. now my eye sight is going worse n worse,

7. i was in my home where suddenly i fell down n brone my frount teeths  my look was totally changed instead of beauty i look really verry ugly then after treatment had a crowm on that seing big big snakes in dreams

9. after my 3rd babuy continousely in mensturation body had become like tiger that many stretch marks
11. some  light air blo in my ear or tiiiiiiiiiiii like for few seconds its become verry common now

and maany more such things

it not that im not receting quran allahamdulillah i  offer prayers five times n my whole day goes on with asmaul husna daily last ayat of sureh bakhra n sureh muzzimmil  from last one year reading 101 times daily to seek allahs help n allh protect me n my family.
now when i started 101 times reitation im continousely in mensturation but then also i just recit as i have memorised it n

plz sir advise me cos many people said this is some kind of magic don on me

ANSWER: Wallekum As Salaam!

Yes according to Koran black magic was indeed praticed dring the times of Prophet Sulieman in breaking marriages. But am in dilemma if its still being practiced or not to harm others in the present times.

However, the first thing I suggest is that you should see your gynochologist for your continuous menstruation which could be due to hormonal imbalaance going by the age you got married and borne 3 kids that coulld ahve taken a toll on you not only bearing them but bringing up too.

You can ask your Gynic to suggest a psychiaterist to consult your dream problems and consult your dentidt regularly for your broken teeth as well as  go
to the parlor to attend to your complexion that can come back to the original complexion by control diet and medication to control your harmonal imbalance

Needless to say to be steadfast in Salat, zakat, fast and reciting Koran daily and leave rest to the Almighty Allah.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply to my problem in such a prompt manner
 but i have consulted to the Doctors weather its gyno,dermo,ortho n physician n all reports went ok i spend a lot on DR no abnormaliti in reports,and also i m regular to spa as im a beautician.thats why i wanted to know about it. once again thank you so much for responding so quickly and i appreciate it.

As Salaam Alaikum!

Well, I insist you see another Doctor for a second opinion on your continuous menstruation & complexion  as 100% surre this has to do with some  
hormonal imbalance and you check your thyroid test too.

And please note the Almighty Allah mentioned in the Koran about black magic exisitence during Prophet Suleiman reign that was misused by people
in breaking up marriages.

So what we have to understand from it that black magic cannot cause bodily harm but most of the people especially Asians believes otherwise & get
into superstitions in doing all sort of remidies through priests/sufi's or mullas ignoring to find the root cause of the decease by not consulting correct

I hope you understand what am trying to drive a point here is that you should not fall into wrong hands who claims to cure black magic and make money
out of your plight and in the bargain you may stop seeing the doctors in aggrevating your problems.

Please do keep in touch through my mail id by informing your progress after consulting the right or another doctor.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran for the rest of our life.  


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