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QUESTION: Assalamwalekum brother.i had a mis carriage was after 13 weeks of conceiving.but the reports shows that the foetus had grown may be till eight, nine or ten weeks only. The difference in reprts  is because i had ultra sound at different places 3 times to confirm question is can i pray without doing ghusul everytime  even if i have bleeding.if no then when can i start praying. Would also like u to know that this is also the period of my monthly plz reply as soon as possible.jazakallah

ANSWER: Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Sister,

I am sorry to know about your miscarriage. May Allah reward you for the pain you may have been through.

Usually the menses carries on for 40 days once the child is delivered and i am not sure if the same happens after miscarriage. As a precautionary measure you should pray only once you are 100% sure that your periods have ended. Till then you are free to miss your prayers and you will not need to make up for those prayers.

May Allah give you a child soon....ameen.


Its my duty to help those in need. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.

If you are not convinced or feel the answer did not address all your questions, pls write back immediately without any hesitation. Please do forgive me if there is an unexpected delay in replying.


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( Note: I am not a mufti, if you are in doubt or want 100% accuracy please verify the above hadith with an authentic personality. However I have not altered any hadith and presented it as and how it was found. May Allah forgive our mistakes from time to time...ameen.)

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QUESTION: Assalamwalekum brother.i went through ur reply and even i used to think the same that i can pray after 40 days but i went through some sites where it was written that if 3 months of pregnancy was not completed during miscarriage i.e if the baby was not formed at all then the bleeding after miscarriage is not considered as naajis and one can just do the wudu and pray .but my problem is my 3 months were completed but the growth of my baby had stopped before that i.e it had grown only for about 2 i m confused that in which category should i place myself.waiting for ur reply.jazakallah

That is what i am asking you to do. Your case is not clear. As such you will enjoy the benefit of doubt. Just relax, till you are satisfied that periods have been stopped and you are 100% ready for prayers.

Till then you need not pray.

Its simple as that.



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