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Islam/The coming of Promised Messiah proved from Quran!


Assalam o Alaikum ,

Im here with another question

The reason why i asked this is to get clarification why other people don't believe the truth in Quran, I spent a long time wondering whether im on the right path or not? looking in the Quranic references and Hadith of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
And Alhamdolillah im satisfied about this.

I would like you to answer my questions that why you people don't believe in Quran.

you said in my previous answer that you do not agree with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on the matter of coming of the promised messiah . which can be proved from Quran and Hadith

here are a few links representing the Ahmadiyya Muslim belief.
I kindly request you to read them and answer me back the refutes if you have any.

and this video also. And answer me back what you think is wrong!

May Allah guide us to the right path (amin)

p.s. never heard of agha cult - can you tell me what is that?

Wallekum As Salaam Aisha,

Please note am a follower of Koran and only Koran that you can check on my profile.

And I accept Hadith that agrees with Koran and do not accept anything that contradicts Koranic
teachings and sounds illogical whichever books they may be.

With regard to coming of Messiah, please refer verses in the Koran that says about Messiah's
coming and not these links.

Am really disappointed to note that you had time and interest to read the links but did not
bother to read the sura/chapter 75(The Resurrection) referred in the links which talks about
resurrection of all dead on the judgement day. And the eclipses moon in the verse 75:8,9 is
talking about destruction of moon/sun on doomsday and throws no light on Messiah's coming.
Please read that sura completely and concentrate these verses (75:16-20) to decide whom you
want to follow to get Koran explained.

Am not interested in the links as I search what ever that I cant understand in the Koran by
reading various interpretations of the Koran and analyze it. And Mashallah, I have been till
now successful and also in search for few suras/ayats logical clarifications like the 18th
Sura about 7 sleepers that will be clarified sooner or later if the Almighty Allah will's.

I regret my error with regard to Agha Khan cult which the Nizari Ismaili community believes
in and not the Ahmediyaas. I will be more careful in future.

Can we Muslims asks ourselves what we are suppose to do in this world excepting lead a simple
righteous life, recite and understand Koran to apply the teachings in our daily life.

Why are we complicating our life and religion, when the Almighty Allah clearly said that with
our beloved Prophet, there will be no more prophets since Koran is complete in all respects to
last till doomsday.

So whoever that comes in future or have come earlier may perhaps would be the Almighty Allah's
messengers(not prophets)who time and again will be born to inform the ignorant Muslims to open
their eyes whenever they deviate from Koran teachings and commit shirk.

My sincere advise to you is to read and follow only Koran and not the these links. You read as
many translations you want which are word to word without any additions/deletions translations
and leave rest to the Almighty Allah to guide you to the right path as per the Koran teachings.

Remember the four gospels truths, the hadiths and Ramayanas/Mahabarathas or the claimants of
the links are not the God's revelation. If you agree on this then Inshallah you will be a firm
believer and follower of the Koran.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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