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I am teenager and I have been reading about the harms of music and alcohol. I have been, if I may tell you, sining for several years now. I read that a house with music and alcohol is cursed and prayers are not accepted. Well, my house is full of alcohol and music! I am very confused. Have I been sining because of these things in my house? Should I not be so hard on myself? How can my prayers be accepted? I feel like some shaitan has gotten a hold of me for years. How do I know I'm cursed? How can I be cured and stop sining while in this house ishallah? I feel guilty of my past sins but I keep sining and would be relieved to know if the root of my ill's stems from this predicament. If feel awful and have always sought to be a good person ishallah and hope this was the main reason for my problems. Thank you so very much.

As salaam Alaikum! Ross,

Well, in the Koran any sort of  intoxicants is not allowed, but what we have to appreciate is that the Almighty has warned us against use if intoxicants as it will make us leave inhibitions and control over ourselves in committing things that can be harmful to others physically and emotional and land us in problems one day or otter.

As far as music is concerned the Almighty Allah has not forbidden it and it is the ignorant Muslims who propagates it as a sin.

Good music heals some ailments, make animals give more milk and relives tension and also makes one nostalgic , but at the same time some music leads to erotism etc and that should be avoided.

Well, as you committed sins more out of ignorance and it has dawned upon you now that these were sins, the Almighty who is the most powerful, the most benevolent, the most merciful forgives those sins that are committed out of ignorance.

Now since you realised and aware now, you shouldn't commit these sins in future.

You can go to to read and understand Koran in the language you understand best.

May I take the liberty to ask you if u r a white r black revert muslim American.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran.  


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