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asalamu alaikum .
i am a 16 yr old girl . i am in love with a guy of my same age and he s very good guy and both our parents have agreed with our relationship and marriage after our studies . but actually i feel guilty that he have kissed me lots of time and u se to catch my hands . ( never  had any sort of other physical contact)
. my family is not very much orthodox and i ws not knowing about our religion too much . my friend said me that we are nt suppose to evn sit closer before mariage . so i want to know that wether what i hv done s sin or not . please hlp me ?

Wallekum As Salaam!

Wow, that's quick to decide whom to marry at an age of 16.

Young lady, this age both the boys and the girls falling love is called as puppy love and infatuation.
And you will find soon how feelings of this kind change towards others since this age is very tender
to day dream and try to live the day dreaming fantasies.

Coming to Islam, yes it is not allowed any physical relationship or contact however deeper the love
may be.

Secondly, how sure are you that these feelings will be same till you both complete studies that
may take another 4 years if professional courses are pursued.

And really disappointed with both of your parents to agree on the marauge at this point of time
and in these changing times.

Please try to concentare on studies and try to learn about Islam by reading Koran instead of
searching through questions here to lead a righteous life.

I hope you understand what am writing as I cannot go further since you are too young to
understand those things which Inshallah in a couple of years you will understand what I
was trying to tell you here.

Please do keep in touch for any clarifications and guidance whenever you think you are in

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true
path of Islam as per Koran for rest of our life.  


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