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Islam/hindu boy wants to marry muslim girl


i am 22 Hindu boy and lives in India.I really love a Muslim girl deep from my heart and she also loves me more then anything else.we don't have any problem with each others religion. we want to get married and dont want to change our religion just only for getting marry.i respect her religion and she also does so.
i know that islam does not allow to marry with non-Muslim girl/boy but sir, can't we marry and follow our religion without converting and questioning or interfering each others  doing(religious).in my view there is only one god but religions are many.
sir does aur marriage possible in a way which i mentioned above.


As Salaam Alaikum Deepak!

As you rightly said and as per the Koran, Muslim men and women are not allowed to marry idol
worshippers unless they revert to Islam.

I appreciate both of you respecting each other religions, but did it ever occur to know your
religion through vedas and puranas the facts about the religion.

Please try to read and see what it says, as you rightly said that you believe in one Almighty,
so do the the puranas/vedas.

Apart from oneness of the Almighty, the puranas/vedas talks about praying,(namaaz)fast,charity
, pilgrimage to lead a righteous life that today's Islam preaches/follows.

But generations have deviated from the true teachings & formed their own religions throwing to
the wind the true teachings of the holy scriptures.

And Islam is not a new religion as many people think, it is the same religion that purans/vedas
, the Torah, the Bible, Psalms talked about but generations forgotten the true teachings,Islam
came through our prophet Mohammed reminding us to follow the true teachings given by the One
Almighty to the mankind.

Whatever, new you find in the Koran are only those that generations either forgotten/deviated,
& a few new prohibitions/realaxation on certain things/issues of the the previous scriptures.

I suggest you read Koran to understand it in its true spirit.

Further, marrying each other without reverting to Islam can definitely cause ripples as well as
disharmony/conflicts after some time, since both of of your views are very different.

For example Islam strictly prohibits Idol worship and belief in reincarnations & the Almighty
taking shape of a human to come into this world.

Initially, because of the love feelings, all these are overlooked, but once realization dawns
& the love between spouses not wanes but definitely not at the same levels of prsent,all these
issues crop up especially during arguments and petty fights.

The biggest issue arises when children are born as to whose religion the child should profess,
and I have seen couples of different religions parting ways, suffering emotionally and putting
children in trauma.

And not to forget some of the few religious fanatics interferences etc before as well as after
marriage and not to forget parents/in lawas discomfort/anguish.

Hnece both of you evaluate your decision before taking a jump.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.


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