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salam,i have got two boys,one got married about 2 years a very simple girl from pakistan,as usual things between mother in law and daughter are very bad.the son i gave birth to has gone totaly gone against his mother and brother.backchatting.i always pray to allah that he is dead.i have got 4 houses which are rented at the i dont want to give him any thing which is mine,but give my every every thing to my other son.put every thing leagally in his name,but a teacher told me islamically i cant do that,he will get his share,after all problems how can i give him anything.even if he works through out his lie he cannot buy a a 2 bedroom house.i have told him to get out but he doesnt want to move.please help me. salam.

Wallekum As Salaam!

Am sorry to hear about your plight, but please do not curse him after all you have borne for 9 months to deliver and bring him up and get him married.
And h has long liife to live  and see his children and as Mother, please forgive him.
But h will definitely pay for his deeds through his children but you dont even wish this too  as his mother.
But as punsihment for  pain h caused to you, you can count him out of the Will.

As per Koran, the inheritance rights of parents property,money and valaubales applies only when parents dies without leaving Will behind.

Am reproducing the Koran ayat and no body can question Koran, so this is the only way you can punish him for good.

God decrees a will for the benefit of your children; the male gets twice the share of the female.* If the inheritors are only women, more than two, they get two-thirds of what is bequeathed. If only one daughter is left, she gets one-half. The parents of the deceased get one-sixth of the inheritance each, if the deceased has left any children. If he left no children, and his parents are the only inheritors, the mother gets one-third. If he has siblings, then the mother gets one-sixth. All this, after fulfilling any will* the deceased has left, and after paying off all debts. When it comes to your parents and your children, you do not know which of them is really the best to you and the most beneficial. This is God's law. God is Omniscient, Most Wise.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per per the Koran.  


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