Asalaam U Alikum
Sir With due respect I want to convey to your kind self that I being a teenager felt in deep love with a girl but in my mind i always thought that it was wrong..!!
I Loved that girl very much but she betrayed me After that I Came closer to my religion started praying five times a day Reciting Wuran and begging for Mercy From The Almighty but recently she called me I Had forgot about her at that time
At first i didnt pick the phone But one of my friends forced me to clear the confusion and finally get her out of my life but I Cant forget her.If you believe me whenever i see her it deeply kills me inside.What to do sir please help me i am in deep need of someone like you please help me out on ways based on islam.!
Thank You
May Allah(swt) bless you

Wallekum As Salaam Farheem!

It is normal to fall in love or get infatuated especially boys during their teens and it feels
wonderful and at the same time miserable if the girl refuses.

It is not a sin or wrong to fall in love as the Almighty Allah made all humans alike and it is
quite normal/natural.

What the Almighty Allah ask us is not to give in towards temptations by yielding to the sexual
pleasures that has lot of harm both for both sexes in terms of physical and emotional.

That's why the Almighty asks us to get married in case we cannot control our sexual urges or
feelings that may lead to sex before marriage.

Coming to love during teen years, it wanes out very fast as teens grows into adulthood.

And it is not the end of the world if the girl you fell in love is not reciprocating you in
the way that you want and at the same you cannot force her too.

The world is full of beautiful girls and who knows you may fall in love Inshallah in future
with a girl who is prettier than the present girl who may reciprocate you the same way.

In order to get out of the present depression you are under going right now, i suggest you to
join a club where physical activities are vigorous to spend as much time as possible leaving
no time or room for any ideal time to think about this girl or past.

Trust me in no time you will get over this depression and this girl Inshallah.

Please concentrate on your studies especially these are the years you should work hard and
trust me once you are well qualified, the success and every one will be after you Inshallah.

Also try to learn more about Islam by reading Koran in the best language you understand and
where ever you find difficulty to understand let it become a quest for you to find out the
answers for the apprehension or clarifications that may be arise while reading Koran.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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