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Islam/Premarital sex and pregnancy


Hi I am a non muslim working girl. A muslim boy promised me that he will marry me and he showed his immense love towards me. He started coming to my house everyday and used to stay with me all the time. I was a virgin and I became pregnant twice because of all this. He stayed with me for four years and he forced me to abort both my babies. He said this is not the right time for us to give birth to babies. Whenever I ask him for marriage he Forces me to either convert to a muslim or leave him. I am pregnant with our third child now and I have not told him about this. I dont want to kill my baby anymore and I will give birth to this child at any cost. I hope Allah will save him. I will not kill this baby and I want my child to learn Islam and be a true Islamic person. Someday I hope he will teach his dad Islam.

Dear Ruby,

As Salaam Alaikum!

Am very sorry to hear the state of affair of yours presently.

If this Muslim boy has promised & sexually exploited you, then you have every right to proceed
against him in the court of law to get justice.

But before taking this step, I would suggest that you meet this boy and his parents along with
your parents to make them realize whatever was done is a gross sin as per Islam & the salvation
is to get both of you married.

In case, they ask you to Islam, you say that you have already reverted at the behest of thier son but he still ditched and exploited you.

Further, just for your information, Islam allows a man to marry a Christian or a Jew and they
can profess their religion even after marriage without reverting to Islam.

However, to have more harmony and understanding it is always better to revert to avoid all kind
of misunderstanding over religious issue at a later stage in one's married life.

And for your information am married to a Christian and happily married for over 14 years now
by the grace of the Almighty and blessed with 2 sons.

And my wife still a Christian and trying to profess Christianity the way Jesus Christ taught.

Further, it is only through my marriage to her that the Almighty Allah opened my eyes towards
the true Islam and bestow me wisdom to understand Koran, Bible and other scriptures in true spirit.

If you feel that it helps if I talk to him, then you can give him my cell No. to give me a miss
call and I will call back to explain him about the true Islam.

My cell No. is 09849026154

I will strictly advise you against abortion not only due to religion but also due to any harm
that it may cause you since it will be your 3rd time.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam.


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