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I want to ask question about haram or halal. I want to start an online business the theme of the business is that the investor will come to my site to double their money and I will get the 1% commission from each investor. For example Investor "A" invest R.S100 and then investor "B" will come and invest RS.200 then the money of the investor "B" will goes to the investor "A" in this way the money of the investor "A" got doubled and then investor "C" will come and invest RS.400 and then the money will goes to investor "B" as again in this way the money of the investor "B"  got doubled and so on. So the question is as I got 1% from all investor so these money will haram or halal. I will not invest on my own site to get money double I only will get 1% from each investor. If still it is haram. Then can there is any possibilities that it can become halal. For example if the investor will invest on my site and I will get 1% from each investor and then I will give them the advertising credit to advertise on my site which will equal to 1% worth which I will get from investors. So in this case I will get the money from investor to give advertising service which will become the case that I am giving some service of worth of 1% so in this way does it can became a legal case means halal or not. And if in this situation it is halal then agr investors invest kre jaein paisy double krny k liay or on k paisy double hoe jaein to kya oska ghuna mjhy to nahe milay ga. Very very thanks for reading my question and for you valuable time. Please answered me.

Thank You


Wallekum As Salaam!

The question coming to your mind and conscience whether it is halal or haram speaks for itself.

Don't you think you are luring people into this business and consider the situation if all the
investors more or less invest same amount or with marginal difference, dont you think one or
the other investor will lose his investment if you close this business.

First of all doubling money in short while without sweat is definitely haram my friend, this
is how some big financial companies comes out with these schemes.

Please do not get into this line of business as I have seen in my experience families getting
ruined and the businessmen getting arrested/hounded.

Even giving advertisement credits and earning on this scheme in your website too will be haram.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.  


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