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i have four married sister in laws with kids financially establish .
one brother in laws  working ,mother and father in law.
please kindly mention the responsibilities of my husband toward them.
i live in uk  and married since 5 years my husband send the money to pakistan every month some times two time and some times as many times as they need .and my mother in law force him to send the money for their daughter travel tickets as well when they want to visit her mother.LAHORE TO KARACHI TKTS
after that he need to send the money for their food and then for their gifts.
he also bears all the expense of their kids delivery and when the baby born then gifts etc
for all these expenses my husband is working early morning till late night and fail to give the time to their kids and me .
and because of all this we are unable to buy the necessity of life for example to buy a new winter coat  for little baby we will have to think so many times ...husband doesnt have winter coat or jackets for many years ..cant afford to rent one bedroom flat so living in very pathetic condition basement flat ..
i know the right of parents but i am still confuse the rights of sister and brother in this condition .
and the role of such mother who snatch the basic necessity from their son and his son kids and give it to her daughter and her kids..
the seconds question is
my husband parents force him to give them some money to buy a house till the end of December but he is having nothing because he is sending every single penny to pakistan.and he is thinking to borrow the loan from bank .
i know interest is not halal it is open war with ALLAH.
but this is his parents.i dont know if his parents knows that from where his  son is taking money because they dont talk with me.
please advice me how to deal with in the light of quran.

He is manipulated by his parents and siblings as this is not Islamic- he has to look after his immediate family needs first and he cannot stoop to their blackmailing of him by his faraway family - he has to stop this- this is not disobedience as Islam says you respect your parents but not send them money at their whims and fancy and not at the expense of your own self and wife and children. This is self destruction. Quran condemns that.

2:195 And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good.


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