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Islam/What does this verse mean??


Assalam-o Alaikum !!

ok so can you please explain this verse to me

what i interpreted from this is that

Prophets can still come (Quran says that!!)and Allah Almighty has all power and he knows who'll be a prophet or not


And whoso obeys Allah and this Messenger shall be among those on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings - the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And an excellent company are they. [4:70]

Do you deny the words of Quran even still ???

how do you take these verses??

May Allah guide us to the right path!! (amin)

Wallekum As Salaam!

You have to be very careful while cutting and pasting, the verse you want me to explain is not
4:70 but 4:69.

"Those who obey God and the messenger belong with those blessed by God - the prophets, the
saints, the martyrs, and the righteous. These are the best company."

The meaning of the above verse lies in the below verse.

"We did not send any messenger except to be obeyed in accordance with God's will. Had they,
when they wronged their souls, come to you and prayed to God for forgiveness, and the
messenger prayed for their forgiveness, they would have found God Redeemer, Most Merciful."

Don't you agree that one obeys someone who is alive like we obey our parents when they are
alive and if dead we say we obeyed them.

So, the verse 4:69 meaning is that the Almighty Allah is telling people during the times of
Prophet Mohammed that who ever obey the Almighty Allah and our beloved prophet will be blessed
like the rest of the prophets, saints, martyrs and righteous who passed away.

But unfortunately, many ignorants being educated do not understand that one can obey someone
when alive and cannot once the person dies. Once the person dies one can follow one's advice
or whatever good that is left behind by that person.

When parents are no more we try to follow the good things taught by them and in all Muslims
case we have to follow what our beloved prophet left behind and that is Koran and only Koran
which the Almighty Allah has commanded all of us to follow.

So, in our beloved prophet case, he left us Koran revealed to him through the holy spirit as
the Almighty Allah willed.

For example the Almighty Allah clearly mentions the way to do ablution & when one is compelled
to have a bath before salat, but many Muslims ignores the Koranic way of doing ablution and do
it as per Sunnah/Hadith.

Do you think our Prophet would have dared to add or delete anything in the Koran on his own?
Then, why most Muslims are following Hadith way of ablution and not what the Koran says. If
you believe in Koran, then after reading the verse below you will start following ablution as
mentioned in the verse from the very next salat.

And am sure we Muslims while doing ablution as per Koran would look more hygeine enough with
out blowing nose and gurgling especially at the International airport rest rooms for others to

"O you who believe, do not observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) while intoxicated, so that you
know what you are saying. Nor after sexual orgasm without bathing, unless you are on the road,
traveling; if you are ill or traveling, or you had urinary or fecal-related excretion (such as
gas), or contacted the women (sexually), and you cannot find water, you shall observe Tayammum
(dry ablution) by touching clean dry soil, then wiping your faces and hands therewith. God is
Pardoner, Forgiver."
"O you who believe, when you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), you shall: (1) wash your
faces, (2) wash your arms to the elbows, (3) wipe your heads, and (4) wash your feet to the
ankles. If you were unclean due to sexual orgasm, you shall bathe. If you are ill, or
traveling, or had any digestive excretion (urinary, fecal, or gas), or had (sexual) contact
with the women, and you cannot find water, you shall observe the dry ablution (Tayammum) by
touching clean dry soil, then rubbing your faces and hands. God does not wish to make the
religion difficult for you; He wishes to cleanse you and to perfect His blessing upon you,
that you may be appreciative."

Then coming to Ghushul, Asthaqfirullah, most Muslims enforce the innovative (they think) ways
of having head bath after sexual intercourse with spouse in the garb of Sunah/Hadith

If you are married, then please look into the mirror while having head bath(Sunnah's Ghushul)
you would laugh at yourself when you see yourself doing the ways of wetting head, body ears &

Tell me why the Almighty Allah is asking us to clean ourselves after sexual intercourse with
the spouse, it is firstly to maintain hygiene of one's body and also as mark of respect/regard
to be clean during salat.

And if at all our beloved prophet would have done ghushul in that way, my common sense tells
me that it was only a way for judicious usage of water in a desert that applies in the places
where water scarcity prevails. But shouldn't be construed as religious injunction/compulsion.

Almighty Allah has clearly mentioned in simple words in the verse to bathe if one approached
one's spouse sexually.

But the ignorant Muslims argues the verse did not say haed or body bath but Sunnah says all.

What are we implying that rest of the Prophets/people were unclean dy not bathing like Gushul
way before Prophet Mohammed. ' Asthaqhfiruallh'.

Further, wherever the 'obey' word is used in our beloved prophets context, please note it was
for the people during his times to obey our prophet whatever ayats that gets uttered by him
and not to question authencity, reliability and ask scientific explanation since science was
not developed in those periods.

Hence events that happened during those periods were considered miracles where as today it can
be scientifically proven that it could have indeed happened, like the parting of Red sea by
Prophet Moses could have been due to low tide during that time as the Almighty Allah would
have willed timing, but it was a miracle.

Today, we have a saint shrine in Mumbai ' Haji Ali durga' which is inside the sea and once in
a week the low tide allows people to go and visit the shrine while some stays back for a week

Knowledgable people understand that the sea is making way due to low tide but many ignorant &
illiterates thinks it's a miracle of modern times.

Asthaqhfirullah, do you deny the below verse, "Asthaqhfirullah"

Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of God and the final
prophet. God is fully aware of all things.

As per above ayat, Mohammed was a prophet with a book (Koran) & a messenger too but in future
there will no more prophets or any holy scripture after Koran till this world is doomed and it
is clearly mentioned in the Koran.

However, the Almighty Allah might have sent/may send saints/messengers (but not prophets with
books)to help people from going astray and making them realize what Koran actually is.

Hence, our beloved prophet is the last/seal of prophets and the holy Koran is the final book
that lasts till the doomsday.

I once again request you to read Koran with open mind starting with a small prayer (before
reciting Koran) begging Allah to give you strength, wisdom and logic to understand Koran in
its true spirit and Inshallah you will not require any other books to understand Koran or for
that matter other books can never explain Koran as they can only agree or have conflict with
Koranic teachings as in the case of ablution and bathing (Ghushul).

Please also note, perhaps this whole exchange of mails and the quest in you to clarify these
understanding may be the will of the Almighty ALlah to guide you to follow Koran in its true

Regarding what, why, how and when I salat,(contact prayers)Inshallah I will write if you think
my answers/explanations to your questions is making sense or not till now.

Further, as informed earlier, I do read hadith whenever I come across and anything religious
that agrees with Koran I accept and discard that conflicts with Koranic teachings and rest I
consider as the history of our beloved prophet.

Similarly, I read other scriptures whenever I come across as the Almighty has asked us to read
& accepts which ever that agrees with Koran and discards that conflicts with Koran.

Allah is telling prophet Mohammed)
"You did not read the previous scriptures, nor did you write them with your hand. In that
case, the rejectors would have had reason to harbor doubts."
Say, "Anyone who opposes Gabriel should know that he has brought down this (Quran) into your
heart, in accordance with God's will, confirming previous scriptures, and providing guidance
and good news for the believers."
"He sent down to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming all previous scriptures, and He
sent down the Torah and the Gospel"
"O you who believe, you shall believe in God and His messenger, and the scripture He has
revealed through His messenger, and the scripture He has revealed before that. Anyone who
refuses to believe in God, and His angels, and His scriptures, and His messengers, and the
Last Day, has indeed strayed far astray."

By the way, as am not aware of your age, sect and marital status and if any of my words whilst
answering your questions hurt you or embarrassed you or made you blushed, please note it was

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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