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is anal sex permissible in Islam between husband and wife ? if both in case are agree for this ? please answer

AbuDawud Book 005, Hadith Number 2157.
Narated By AbuHurayrah : The Prophet (pbuh) said: He who has intercourse with his wife through her anus is accursed.

AbuDawud Book 023, Hadith Number 3895.
Chapter : The diviner.
Narated By Abu Hurairah : The Prophet (pbuh) said: If anyone resorts to a diviner and believes in what he says (according) to the version of Musa), or has intercourse with his wife (according to the agreed version) when she is menstruating, or has intercourse with his wife through her anus, he has nothing to do with what has been sent down to Muhammad (pbuh) - according to the version of Musaddad.


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