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my name is hina and iam 16 years old. last month i meat a boy who is 22 and we both felt in love with each other and we had sex together then our parents got to know about our love but our parent dont know that we had done sex together..and my parents told me to leave him and even his parents told him to leave me but we dint left each other and we continued to talk..but then again our parents got to know and again they seperated us..and now even that boy is not talking to me and he dont want any relation with me..i even dont know that was he sincere with me or not..but i was sincere and i still love him..iam very tensed i dont understand what to do i cant even tell my parents that i had sex with that boy..i dont know what should i do i have done such a big gunnah please guide me according to islam that what i should do in the future?? whowm should i marry?? and what punishment i shall get on the day of judgement..

Wallekum As Salaam!

First of seek forgiveness from the Almighty Allah for having committed this sin and that too
in a country where it has capital punishment law for this sin.
Am sure both of must be Asian origin Muslims and the boy has lured you into sex as it is very
easy to seduc girls in their teens to bed.
Once back to the country of origin, confide in your parents so that they confront the boys
parents and convince for marriage.

Almighty Allah forbids if they dont agree, threaten them with legal actions as you are minor
and sex minor is an offence.

But you should confide in your parents about the sexual encounter between you both, but only
ensure any confrontations should happen only in the respective country origin and not in Saudi
Arabia due to its capital punishment law.

As you committed this sin our of ignorance and seduction by this boy am sure the Almighty Allah
will forgive you if repent sincerely and do not repeat this sin in future.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.


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