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Islam/husband's extramarital affair


What a wife should do if she came to know that her very loving husband is having intimate extramarital affair (husband claiming that he did not commit "zina"instead of having an intimate relationship). husband is guilty of his acts n promised not to commit such thing again.......but the wife is badly hurt....what should be her reaction according to islam?????......can she avoid him or give him the same respect that a husband demands???which is a very difficult thing to do emotionally.....

As Salaam Alaikum!

Which man is not straying these days, consider yourself lucky that he has realized his mistake
and feeling guilty by assuring that he will mend his ways and not commit this mistake again.

In my opinion, he should be given a chance and if he was serious about the affair then he would
have considered leaving you once this affair came into open.

Since he is not doing that, it means he still loves you that you should give him a chance.

Further, have few checks upon yourself as to why he strayed and how much you have contributed
towards it.

How do you present yourself at home when he is back from work:

In a night gown or shabbily dressed, tired out & start yelling/giving errands as soon as he
steps inside the house.

In case you are doing the above, then put a stop immediately and try to look at your best with
a welcome smile offering him water and ask him if he wants tea or coffee.

And how's your weight and health, have you been neglecting lately, if so then you have to pay
attention to yourself.

Do not pry & nag him or bring up his past when any arguement crops up. Do not let lose tempers.

Just follow the above and you will see Inshallah a sea change in him soon.

Which part of Turkey you live in, I had been to Istanbul once which is a beautiful city but
couldn't visit Tapkapi museum due to heavy rains that day. Hope Inshllah, I will visit again
and see Topkapi museum too.

May the the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true
path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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