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Assalamu caleykum brother, i love this very much whom i have known for 4years now. we decided to get married but, my mom doesnt want me to marry this boy, i told her he is a hard worker and a good muslim but still she cant stand him. i have talked to her in evry possible way but she denied it, as for my father he says that i have to finish school first, then i can marry the boy , but the problem is that i have a strong sexual feeling towards him and i want to marry him before we do something haraam. is our marriage valid if we get married between me and him without our parents knowing, because my dad already promised him my hand in marrige and we thought that we can get married now, and have a another nikah when we are done with school. Please help me

Wallekum As Salaam!

No you cannot as you are still not mentally matured enough to understand about married life and
its responsibility.

If you want to marry this boy only for physical relations without any witness, first of all it
is not considered/accpeted as a Nikah.

Secondly what is the guarantee that the boy will remarry you in presence of all once you both
finish schooling.

Remember, men tends changes once they have sex with women and it is only the bound/love that
develops between the spouses and the children bind the marriage for long.

Yes, it is understandable about the sexual urge at this age, I suggest you take up any physical
activity like an outdoor game/sport to burn your extra energies to have control over the sexual

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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