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Islam/question about same sex


Hello, I have struggled with homosexual feelings and the feelings comes and go. I must confess I am attracted and have strong feelings towards men.

I was in jumat last weeek and the the imam said same sex marriage is different from same sex relationship. He dissaproved same sex marriage but did not talk of same sex relationship.

My question is that I want to get over it. I just think I only have a curiosity and the earlier I explore it the better. Reason is that when I have arousal and I happen to get close to a guy e.g to have like a chat about sport or something good, the feelings fade off. Also if I have arousal and happen to go to toilets and mistakenly come in contact with the sight of man’s body, the feelings fade. Also if I happen to sleep close to a male friend the feeling goes. But I have no close friend cos I’m 27 and my mates are getting married. I know I am only curious, though I have been suppressing it for years, but now the question is for how long will I continue to suppress it, its affecting my spirituality
I am fully confident I am just curious, I am by nature very inquisitive and I think if I have sex with a guy for once, I think the feeling will fade up.I have spoken to several people and they told me that they had such problem to and was cured after they explored their curiosity and most of them were able to get rid of such feelings. I have gotten guys on internet before but when i think of Islam I simply tell them am not going to do it.  I have now gotten to the point i now want to explore it Please can I find a guy on internet and at least explore such act so my feelings could go once and for all and I can fully concentrate on my life and Islam. I also masturbate but it doesn’t really help.I masturbation okay

Masturbating in your case is allowed and exploring with someone in this case of your fantasy and same relationship therapy is doubtful but even if you did itès up to you as you will be the one to bear the sin and Allah forgives all sins. The situation needs counselling and you should explore that with a professional counsellor and Muslim psychologist.
May Allah help you as sexual feelings is natural and an urge that doesn't go a way just like that.
Recite laa haula wa laa quwata illa billah.


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