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Asalamwalakum, I have two questions I hope you don't mind what I'm going to ask because it sounds like I'm angry at something which I'm not just confused! So firstly, Allah made us all to worship him that's the reason why we are here, and he made heaven and hell for those people whom he loves and hates but if he made us to worship him why can't he just make us like the angels who never get tired of worshiping Allah where else us humans have brains and a consciousness to know what is wrong and right but at the end we either go to hell or heaven. Secondly, I know Allah wants to test us to see if we want to go nearer to him and how willing we will do to do that and what we will sacrifice but Allah also knows the future and knows what we will do so then what's the point of testing us if Allah knows what we will do because he knows us well and he knows what our intentions are? These are the questions I had I know a lot! But thank you for your time.

Walaikusalam sister,

About your first questions " Why can Allah make us like angels"

Allah has created human being for a purpose and that purpose is to worship him. based on this we will either end up in hell or heaven and Allah has give us the mind to do this so that we can recognize ourselves what we deserve if are thrown in hellfire or that we go ot paradise only by Allah grace.  Allah's creation is beyond imagination. We cannot question as to why Allah us if  the stage is already set. It for us to realize Allah's worth and glorify him. Allah gave us the minds to think and react so that we can use it to our ability and can also be the best among  His creations.

Allah knows us what we do when we do, because everything on this earth and in the universe runs according to his will. Allah tests us to see the level of our patience because it is through patience that we get the reward or lose it. whatever bad we achieve is because of our own evil and whatever good befalls us is because of Allah's mercy.

Read the qur'an atleast 5 lines each day and ponder on its meanings. In sha Allah you will get an understanding of your purpose in life through it.  Seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan.

In sha Allah Allah will give you success


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