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I had a dream a few nights ago about a tiger, it would stay with me & wouldn't let me leave it's side, I was scared at first then warmed to it, it attacked some people in my dream, I called him & he returned, I don't understand the dream & would be helpful if you can tell me what it means..?

As Salaam Alaikum!

It is commanded in the Koran that a Muslim should greet/address another Muslim with a 'Salaam'
whenever they come across or write to each other.

The Almighty Allah blessed only Prophet Yusuf to interpret the dreams during that period and
there is no mention in the Koran that this is blessing was passed on to generation after each

However, many people are out their claiming themselves to have the ability to interpret dreams
and give suggestions/solutions and in my opinion it is nothing but trying to foretell future
which is against Koranic teachings.

Coming to your dream, I do not know how old are you, but normally when we are young in teens
and in our youth, whenever we see tiger we desire to raise it as a pet, but unfortunately
neither the law or the tiger's instinct allows it.

Perhaps, you might have this desire at the back of your mind or you would have seen a movie
or on TV (National Geography) about tigers and slept over it, that resulted in your dreaming
about a tiger.

Just ignore it and try to recite and study Koran in the language that you best understand &
follow accordingly.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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