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Azam Mohammed wrote at 2013-02-06 11:51:56
As Salaam Alaikum!


The messenger of God has set up a good example for those among you who seek God and the Last Day, and constantly think about God.


We provided them with the proofs and the scriptures. And we sent down to you this message, to proclaim for the people everything that is sent down to them, perhaps they will reflect.


You are blessed with a great moral character.

Where did the Almighty Allah is asking any Muslim here to follow the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed with regrad to salat and religious obligations, no doubt our beloved prophet has set an example in following Isalm as per the Koran and these were for those people

during the life of Prophet Mohammed to see him as an example of true Islam follower.

And for our generations, these verses are to be read and understand and those in doubt can find out through history and other facts available on our beloved prophets life to follow, but what the Prophet Mohammed has left for us is Koran and Koran alone.

And the sunnah are like history but any sunnah on religious duties/obligations/prohibitions/punishments can be accepted only if it agrees with Koran and if it disagress, then we shouldn't even read it.


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