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I wanted to ask a question which is really annoying me. I keep getting told that the husband should be older than the wife but in my opinion, age doesn't matter as long as all the criteria of getting married are fulfilled i.e. must be a believer, must have reached puberty etc.

Can you tell me if this 'the husband must be older than the wife' is an Islamic or just cultural  thing?

If it is Islamic can you give me reference?




When prophet(pbuh) married khadija(r.a) she was older to him by few years. So Islam does permit this.

In some cultures they believe if the man is older he will more matured and can handle his married life properly. It is true in some cases and not so in others.

It is better if you do isthikharah for any proposal you get , and try to explain to  your parents what exactly you are looking in for a spouse and that age might not matter if you find him mature enough.

In sha Allah, Allah will help you through it,

Jazakallah khair  


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