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Islam/Without parents' knowledge: haram?


Al-Salaam-Alikum Wa Rahmato Allah Wa Barkatoh
Hello sister,
This is sort of a silly question, but I don't think it will ever stop lingering on my mind if I don't find an answer.
I'm a teenage female. I think I suffer mental problems. Possibly depression. After prayer today, I cried so hard I couldn't breathe: I was suffocating. I wore my abaya and went outside the apartment, without my father's knowledge (we both live alone, temporarily), because I wanted some fresh air. I just went to a small shop, a grocery, right next to my building (barely a 10 second walk) to get a chocolate bar and I went back home. Less than a 2 minute trip.
My question is: is it haram that I went out without my father's knowledge, although I was aware of what I was doing, for some fresh air and a bar of chocolate? I have never done that before, but I'm afraid I might do it again. Do I have to tell my father?
Jazaki Allahu Khairan.

Allahu Akbhar
Allahu Akbhar  
Wa alayikkum salaam warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu my dear sister

May Allah make your heart at peace and make it tranquil Aameen

As you didn't mention any possible reason behind your depression I cannot give you a well fitting answer but indeed you must let your father know once you step out of your home as it is your duty and stepping out home with out your guardians knowledge may turn up dangerous to you . So you should avoid doing that in future and seek repentance from Allah...indeed Allah is merciful...

I would recommend you to read the book : Dealing with Worries and Stress;English Translation;Book by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

Here is the link

Do write me back if you need any further help  in shaa Allah

Wa Antum fa jazzakhumullahu khairan

May Allah make everything easy for you sister..Aameen  


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