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asak sister,

i'm a person who is been rejected by all right from my parents to my husband. My father used to say i'll throw you in river or leave you in crowd when i was 4yrs old if i did any mistakes. My mother used to abuse me saying " why dont do you die, we will mourn for 3-4 days and forget about you rather than living for long and giving us troubles". My younger brother doesnt speak to me. I'm convert muslim, i was in relationship with a muslim guy for 2 yrs and then married him now we are married for 7 yrs. Even my husband either stop talking to me or scolds me saying i'll leave you whenever i do any mistakes.

i do understand i have made mistakes but they are not terrible big mistakes like killing someone or doing haram things or doing adultery. i've done small mistakes like not studying, not doing household work or not utlized the things which were bought etc..

why did allah create me like this where i'm living with bunch of people who hate me who always abused me of dying or leaving. I feel like dying rather to live with people who dont talk to me see hatredness in their faces. i ran away couple of times from my home but came back as suicide is not permissible. people like me dont deserve to live why suicide is not permissible for people like me.

please let me know if there is any dua which will cure my mental sickness.

Have patience
Have patience  
Walayikkum salaam warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu dear sister Ayesha

My heart is full of duas for you. I have forwarded your question to a question. He said he will reply soon alhmandhullilah . I will send that to you soon in shaa Allah...mean while please read this book to relieve yourself my dear sister and understand our life and its purpose

What is this world? This world is a place of trails and tribulations.

The believerís attitude towards calamities

Be patient sister and wait for my message in shaa Allah  


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